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Inboard Training Programs

The founders (Chantelle & Kobus) designed this program together with many other behaviourists & experts in the field. The two-week inboard program is currently top-rated and covers the installation of basic home obedience, as well as mild behaviour modification such as jumping, play biting/nipping and much more.

We also offer more programs that cover the installation of basic home obedience as well as severe behaviour problems such as human aggression, dog to dog aggression, separation anxiety etc. We also deal with these problems in the two-week program depending on the severity. For more information, please enquire with us directly.

Additionally, we also started the one week program that is a bit more affordable. As we do not want our furkids to live a lower quality of life, just because their caring owners do not have the financial needs at the time, we try and cater for the furchild as well as their owners!

We have large socialization/play camps where they get free supervised play time, and for fur kids with some social problems we take them for walks twice per day and ensure they ge playtime too.

Inboard Training Programs

1 Week (Program 1) 2 Week (Program 2) 4 Week (Program 3)



R 1250

R 2700

R 4950

Equipment (Leash, treats etc)


Free Guidance and Support


Installation/Re-inforcement of 1 maximum 2 commands, with socialization _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Free Private lessons for the life of the dog


Severe Behaviour problems


Mild Behaviour Problems

Basic Obedience Commands (Sit, Stay/Wait, Down, "Leave It", "Off" and walking on a leash without pulling _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

P.D.T.C Home Obedience Certification


Collection and Drop Off @ an additional R400.00. Routes are done on planned days and optimized for minimum driving time for the furkids.

How Our Programs Works:
  • We will collect your fur child from your residence where a quick interview will take place on your expectations and the problems you might encounter with him or her.
  • The dog will then be transported to the school and stay there for two weeks, where we will install basic home obedience and any behaviour modification as discussed with you. (You are more than welcome to bring your dog to our school yourself, this way you get to scope out our premises know where it is that your dog will be staying for the duration of the course)
  • We will then keep you posted on the progress of the training and outcome of various assessments etc.
  • After the two weeks of hard work, we will again drop your baby off at your residence and give you a lesson on how to manage and command your dog going forward. (Further private lessons also available upon request)
  • See our collection areas down below.

Our collection areas:
  • Johannesburg
  • Johannesburg South
  • Lenasia
  • Sandton
  • Midrand
  • Fourways
  • Bedfordview
  • Kempton
  • Boksburg
  • Benoni
  • Lanseria
  • Roodepoort
  • Krugersdorp
  • Germiston
  • Randburg
  • Alberton
  • All of Pretoria
  • Brits
  • Hartebeespoort

Benefits Of The Inboard Training:
  1. It is Easy & Convenient
  2. We get to spend time with your furkid, and therefore they are in a better position to advise and support you on any behaviour problems
  3. Daily feedback with owners
  4. Positive Reinforcement Methods used
  5. No time required from the owner
  6. We do all the hard work for you
  7. Extremely affordable prices as compared to just regular kenneling fees
  8. Special love and care for EACH student
  9. NO staff doing the training, only done by Chantelle, Kobus & Charlene
  10. Extremely hygienic conditions
  11. Vet on call
  12. Internationally qualified behaviourist and trainer
  13. Collection & Drop off from your residence by The trainers the selfs
  14. These programs can be an option to assist you, the dog owner, when attending weekend classes at your nearest school as you will then be able to manage your dog effectively

Other Info:
  • Babies food to be sent with clear instructions on feeding quantities and times.
  • Toys and beds will be provided
  • Walking equipment will be provided - doggy must be on a leash upon arrival / /collection which will be returned upon home coming.
  • It would be highly appreciated if the food is prepacked. Please pack food per feeding or provide a scoop with measurements marked with the dog’s name and feeding requirements. No need for toys, beds, feeding bowls etc. as the school will provide all this daily.

How To Book Your Furkid's Spot:

Please contact Chantelle via whatsapp, telegram or phone call to obtain an application form that can be completed online on your smartphone or computer.

Upcoming Programs during 2021:

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